I’m a Cherry Pitter

This is evidence of being an overprotective mom – or a moron. Summertime, and Vivien loves cherries.  I painstakingly cut out the pit of every cherry she consumes.

Manual cherry pitting

She is nearly three, so maybe she could figure out not to swallow that large, hard thing in the middle.

I say to Mark, “Why don’t they invent something to take pits out of cherries?”  Since he is a chef and in the know he says, “They did, it’s called a cherry pitter.” Kind that he didn’t add “duh” at the end of that sentence, like I probably would have.

The name of this tool comes back to me like a dream. The question is, why didn’t I buy one? 1) I forgot it existed, but 2) even if I did buy it, summer would end and it would go in that drawer in the kitchen with the gadgets and matches and rubber bands. And June would roll around again, and I would have momnesia, and I wouldn’t see it in the back of the drawer.  That’s how I’m justifying it.

The Opposite of Momnesia

Hey, I know something that Hillary can take on for me at 3am, my over anxious brain. Despite whatever else I need to get to, the primal “what do the kids need now?” part is buzzing. Men will do the right thing if given a minute or kindly reminded (“Of course she said she’s not hungry she’s 18 months. It’s the same for me, I may say I don’t need a chemical peel, but look at me!”), but it’s not the forepart of their brain. This must be why they can still sleep like the proverbial baby.

A very real part of the mom brain is that rest is harder to come by. After a baby, one is physically more tired, but less able to rest. Hence the addition of bags around the eyes. So, while there is such a condition of Momnesia, I say its the opposite of momnesia that has me up with the weight of the world is on my shoulders. What my sister Carole calls “life in review.” Because why not worry about everything in the world when you are least able to effect change?