Water Cooler

A Cool Mom Classic:

This is how desperate I get for light conversation with an adult: I watch my own vlogs for company. Hey, it’s someone I agree with! But it’s not just moms who find working from home a tad lonely.

My friend Heather produces the Dr. Dean Edell show (my old job) from her apartment in San Francisco. But she is a social animal. She thinks work parties are fun, so it’s a crime that she no longer partakes in that. Not to mention all the cute outfits she doesn’t put together and because there are no people to compliment her on it. We have “The Office” to show the tedium of work life, but since we are social creatures, there are worse fates than making fun of your boss.

Who do you chat with at home?

Why I Love Advertising Part 2

I kind of rush the beginning of this vlog, so if you didn’t see my previous video about this (Why I Love Advertising), let me explain. I always wanted to buy Tarn-X when I was a kid, but my mom said it was a waste of money. More than thirty years later (“more than” being the key phrase), I finally bought some. When I mentioned I didn’t test the Tarn-X, several (um, two) people asked me to do so. So, here is my test: will Tarn-X take off the tarnish on my silver like the commercials from the 1970s?