Stickers On The Window

I never wanted to be that mom. You know the one, the mom with her car covered in stickers? One or both of the backseat windows of my car is so laden with stickers that daylight no longer streams through. But in the interest of getting Vivien in the car for school without a fit, I let her bring in her Hello Kitty sticker book and today I caught her sticking four stickers on the back window of the car. Now, what do I do, give in and say, “Hehe, I’ve cut my hair and am considering a mini van”? I rarely leave my house, who am I fooling? Is it time to give into the dark side, OR do I rip off the stickers when she is not around? How much does it matter if my Cheerio wagon has one more mess in it?

So, my question for this week is…

Single? Why Not?

This is kind of a vlog version of my “In Appreciation Of Non-Mom Friends

Don’t get all Jamie Lynn Spears on me single ladies and overly glamorize motherhood. Do those cute celeb moms talk about how it’s about 2 years before you can take a crap in private? No. It’s not for everyone and I’ll tell you why.

Breastfeeding Chuckles

This falls right under the category of “Why didn’t I write this?” I felt the same way when I read the title of Chelsea Handler’s book, “My Horizontal Life.” (Although, then I read it and her horizontal life was filled with more boozes and lies than mine was, but great title.). Now, a title that fit’s with my mom life, “If These Boobs Could Talk.” As a committed breastfeeder for over 2 years I certainly could have come up with some humor to write down. But then there is that darn follow through thing!  Well, these ladies did it, bless their heart.

Creative Commons License photo credit: brooklyn

Here is their top ten:

Top 10 Things Breastfeeding Boobs Would Say

1. Since when are we open 24 hours?

2. Get the soothing gel. Get it now.

3. Sir, this is a “Babies Only” zone.

4. Kid, how can you not see our nipples when they’re the size of paper plates?

5. Woo hoo! We’re spraying across the room!

6. Wow, we look spectacular!

7. Wait, now we look like old gym socks.

8. Hmmm, do we hear a baby crying somewh…and there’s the milk.

9. Hey, we don’t get paid enough to work this hard.

10. Oh great. A tooth.

This is the perfect gift for a new mom.

Moms Who Soldier On

My Minnesota raised mom has taught me a lot about self-discipline, among other things. Even though I attended alternative schools and my mom has always been a free thinker, she is very grounded and never has given to airy-fairy beliefs. My dad (Georgia raised), while all Southern Gothic is a contrast to mom’s toughness. No histrionics with her.

In this vlog my mom talks about generational differences in mom’s from the ’70’s to now. She also speaks about what was happening with the mom’s of her generation. When everyone diminishes the present day, it’s worth noting, there are some improvements.

What Name Am I?

All posts or video-logs are not created equal in my eyes. Some posts make me chuckle when I watch them. This is one of them. I thought, “yeah, me too!” Briefly forgetting I was listening to myself. What name do you use? What name did you give your children?

Years ago when my mom finally decided to take my dad’s name (she has been trying to lose it for years, by the way) he said in reference to her maiden name, “it’s just another man’s name.” True, back then she couldn’t even get a credit card without her husband, which is so weird to think about. It does put ’70’s strident feminism in context. So, I get why people choose to keep their name or not, but gosh…how do you decide?