Momversation: Which Role Is Harder…Wife or Mom?

This question was ripped from the Momversation Facebook page. Apparently women wanted to discuss which role was harder: wife or mother? There were some requests for me to address this. I hope I didn’t disappoint.

It kind of dovetails with “Advice to a Bride.” I would love to hear your opinion.

Sponsored: Huggies Amazing Little Movers: Victoria, Annie and Cash

Hey, doing something a little different in the brand sponsored video department.  Some of the Momversationalists and I are playing sports announcers for babies. Here I am with Heather Spohr.

What do I like about this campaign?

1) I do buy Huggies; I think they fit well on my Rex.

2) I got to leave the house.  Nothing like saying “I’m going to work” like driving to a place with adults and then going to buy a sandwich. Ah, the little things in life.

3) It’s fun to see my mom bloggers friends in the flesh. I have been wanting to have them on Cool Mom for a coolmom good time.  We get on very well.

4) Who doesn’t love watching babies?

Enjoy and check your Huggies package to enter for points and prizes.

Momversation: Do you Trust Mom Strangers More than Others?

Well,  Heather and Catherine and I were on such a roll the other day talking about nursing strangers kids that it lead to another subject, “Will I ever clean up those cluttered shelves behind me?”  Okay, that’s part of my Daphversation.  (Today I will finally do it, I will I will). We went into a slightly different direction.

Sidebar, it’s hard to ignore the tragedy of this weekend.  I can’t stop thinking about that lovely 9 year-old girl who was shot by the total piece of S–t.  My heart breaks for her parents.  There’s strangers, there strangers who are parents and there are loner young men who are so screwed up they get kicked out of junior college.  I know it goes against the grain of Americana, but it is not right that loons get to buy Glocks.  The founding fathers said, “The right to bear arms,”  which in their case was a musket.  So, fine going forward we can all carry muskets.  The kind you shoot, reload, put in your gun powder, shoot, etc. Not guns with 31 rounds.

Are you having another baby?

I tried a month without camp, wait, a week without camp. Caught between the feelings of not wanting Vivien to be overscheduled during the summer, saving money and on the other hand needing her to be a tad more occupied.  Especially with this heat wave, I’ve been getting cranky.

“Put on your shoes”

Vivien, “You don’t have to get mean about it.”

“But, I asked you 3 times and I am hot and cranky!!” Slight whimper.

So this week we are trying a different camp.  One that is so cheap that if she doesn’t want to go one day I won’t –as we use to say in the 70’s–have a cow.

Okay, here is a Cool Mom which I think plays more like a Momversation.  Note: I’m also guilty of asking this question sometimes, but that doesn’t mean it’s right.

Momversation: What’s Your Best Piece of Parenting Advice?

What’s the best parenting advice you ever got? I’m sure some was when I was super sleepy so I can’t remember it, but in this Momversation I did mention some gems. Some of the Momversationalists don’t like advice. I don’t mind advice, I mind a snippy know it all attitude which is not the same thing. If someone is tsk, tsking while your kid is in a meltdown and says things like “gee, maybe you should feed her” and you want to scream “Of course I feed my kid dumbass, she is 3 and this is part of being her age. Don’t judge my mothering!”

In the same situation the onlooker could say “I know this is tough mom. If you are ok with it sometimes I give my kids a c-o-o-k-i-e. I have some if you want it.”

Note on the programming: I shot in my dressing room at tv guide on a shoot day so I have pro hair and make up. Not all haggard.

Gay Marriage: Where do you stand?

Here is a hot topic momversation.  Don’t blink or you will miss me. I think I’m often, like “huh?  why is this a big deal?” I was raised pretty progressive, so I can’t imagine actively blocking people from marrying Tom or Tina.  I get doing a double take when you see a same sex couple kissing at the alter, it’s all pretty new to most of us, but oh well, I also use to like to get hand written letters and that doesn’t happen much anymore. Society changes, or rather it has caught up with some peoples hearts already were.

One thing I brought up, that didn’t make it in the cut, was how any non-married couple can be marginalized. When my dad got sick, his girlfriend was shut out.  “You have to come, they won’t talk to me,” she said.

What about that about that poor girlfriend of that author who wrote the girl with the Dragon Tattoo books? 30 years, but outside of marriage, no rights.

It might be religious for some, but to me marriage is, in large part, a business arrangement.  There are no barriers as to who can incorporate a business, so why should this be different?

Do you need to play with your kids? Momversation

I would have posted this earlier, but I was playing “Rexy Monster” with my daughter and her friend.  I hold Rex as he chases the girls.  It’s tag with a different name.  I think why not play with my kids.  Only way I’m going to get any exercise. Actually, I really adore Lenore from free range kids. I met her when we were on Dr. Phil together. I think she is spunky and not shy with her opinion which is great because in the mommy blogging world in the fear of offending people can get very muted and have the variety of a Spanish tiled roof home in Orange County. While I do play with my kids I don’t think you HAVE to. You can still be a great parent. In fact the RIE school of thought is that you get in their way if you direct their play in any way.

And speaking of tag…, I’m still learning this posting thing.  One thing they say is to tag things in your blog or vlog so that search engines find you and then you get more hits on your site.  So, Sandra Bullock, Justin Beiber, The Jonas Brothers…um, who else is big these days? 😉