AV Guy: Watch Out!

So, we are in the midst of preparing for our big move. Now, the reasons behind the move and the details of the actual move itself are many and mundane enough for a few blogs of their own. But presently, my world is rocked because my husband just told my daughter and I that “There won’t be any TV for several days.” EXCUSE me?

I’m not ashamed  to say how much I need TV. First night in the new place is Thursday, and Mark says “Probably no TV till Tuesday.”  And he will be out of town ALL weekend. So just me and the kids for 3 days with boxes and NO TV? What kind of fresh hell is this? I tried to remain calm and think; OK, we will watch lots of DVDs ’cause I need to park that kid in front of the boob tube now and then for a little mental R&R. No, that might not work either. And that is when I got a little irate. “What kind of cockamamy AV guys have you hired?”

Mark went into a whole thing about complicated it is; yeah, for me, but isn’t that why we hired a pro?  ‘Cause we don’t know what we are doing?  I said, “Tell him it HAS to be  working by the weekend.” Blank face. “Do I have to call him?”

He gave me his number.  Okay, you don’t want to do it? Well, I will. I need my cartoons.


All weekend I was on a tear to get ready for our move on Monday. While I did the the physical act of preparing to move here were the three things running through my brain.

  1. Is it better to make a day of fun for Vivien during this transition or stick to a routine? As in we go to an amusement park so the move seems like a happy thing or keep it really regular in terms of schedule, oh, and 48 hours later we are somewhere new.
  2. Why, oh, why have I kept all this crap?! Have you ever done this? Find Post-Its with a barely readable scribble on it, or a phone number of someone you don’t know and you think “Why, oh, why did I save this?” It’s like mover/cleaner Daph thinks regular Daph is a messy, eccentric pack rat. Why does it take a move to make me decisive?
  3. I’m not helping Hillary. Tuesday is the Pennsylvania primary and I woke up Saturday saying to Mark, “I have to make calls.” I wasn’t in the mood. I did make one (you can go to www.hillaryclinton.com and they have a page set for people to call in the primary they are focusing on) and the lady said, “I’m voting for her, but thinking of not cause I’m tired of all these calls.” I decided to be easily discouraged. Maybe I would only hurt her cause. But, I still want her to win and did read a few articles that got my girl defender dander up. Obama is acting as if he is not a regular pol while acting like a regular pol. In the past few months such emotion would have translated into action on my part. Now, I really need to organize.