The Move 3.0

Since starting this experiment/masterpiece cool mom, I have moved three times. In three years. The boxes, the emotions, blah blah… The truth is I was FAR less emotional than previous moves. My skin is thick. This is also a very hopeful move. We moved into more of a shoulder area than where we owned before, further south from where we rented. I used to walk to cafes; now I can walk to auto body stores, but whatever. I’m so thrilled to have a second chance at home ownership, and I am really hoping we don’t have to leave this house for many years to come. But who knows?  In the meantime, I have really enjoyed fixing the place up for me and my family. Later, I will show you some of my DIY jobs.

I think this vid — like a lot the next week — will fall more into the “slice of life” category than big knee slappers. It’s the mood I’m in as I settle and nest, and being so flipping tired is short circuiting my brain (Rex’s 5am wake ups continue).

So grateful for what I have and for you all visiting the site.