And The Winner Is…

…No, not the Emmy Awards. I couldn’t watch more than 20 minutes – just wanted to see the clothes.

I’m talking about the winner of the 3rd Birthday Present award. Out of all of the super cool gifts Vivien got this week, so far the one that has made her the most gaga is this Music Box. It arrived this morning from her friend Mercy (via her mom, of course).  She was absolutely mesmerized by this good, old-fashion keepsake. Vivien insisted on taking it to school where many of the kids were also enchanted. It plays “Beautiful Dreamer” and is from Enchantmints.

Music Box

She also really liked the “decorate your own crown” from her friend Charlie as well as playing with the t-ball set with dad last night. But today, the music box has been kept near.

Can’t blame her. I still have my little log cabin music box I was given at about 5 or 6. I still get a kick out of it when I open it and it plays “Edelweiss.”

Out for George Michael

I use to say that I was a gay man trapped in a straight woman’s body. Particularly when I was a single woman living in San Francisco.

Bridge at Dusk #4
Creative Commons License photo credit: Pargon

I liked having sex with men, a few different ones. I collected mid-century furniture, liked vacationing in Palm Springs and my music of choice was deep house. The kind of music that makes you feel like a guy in a gay bar at 1:59 am, doing a popper and not sure who you’re going home with. Thumpa, thumpa, thumpa.

I still workout to house music when I can. And I still have some Heywood Wakefield furniture. But my neutered mom-self has lost touch with a lot of that former FAB! self. That is, until I was a guest this season at the American Idol finale. Sixth row. When George Michael walked out on stage, I screamed like a gal in 1963 for the Beatles, I screamed like you scream for ice cream, I screamed like a college grad at an Obama rally. I was that excited.

I think I’m unmoved by Madonna, or other pop stars. But I love me some George Michael. Which is why I was so excited to see the posting on The Poop from a guy who loves GM, talking about his favorite songs. Well, a CD of Michael just goes from one delicious morsel to the next. But, come on, there can’t be any argument really, right?  Hands down, “Father Figure.”