back up to summer fun (spons)

Summer?  Aren’t we in Winter?  Well, yes, but this video was shot in the end of Summer and it will be here before you can say, “defrost these toes”.  This is the final of the Kia Sorento series I did with my kids.  Saved the best for last.  I love this one. All of these were shot so nicely ( better than I do in my living room) and this one is Very true to life.  My kids love the beach, I have to haul it all, and I couldn’t live without my back up camera.  Once you go back up camera, you never go back.

“How did I back up before I had this?”  Especially being a parent I’m alway worried about something or someone  darting in the back of my car.

Okay, sit back, relax for a minute and see the warm breeze of summer.