grandma’s of bloggers

OH, wait, not grandma’s, mom’s of bloggers.  My grandmas long before the internet was  ready for prime time.   As I was poking around you tube for a video I was hunting I came across this archival gem.  It features my mom!  As well as the moms of my favorite blogger friends, Jessica Gottlieb, Heather Armstrong, and Rebecca Woolf.  I’ve met Rebecca’s mom and she is just as darling in person.  It doesn’t look like it has had many views so I thought I would give it another showing.

Best of all my mom is holding Rex when he was a baby.


Should Moms Feel Guilty?

The last in my recent series with my mom Morency. The vid speaks for itself so allow me to relate an anecdote that illustrates what a practical, Minnesotan my mom is. Now, I’m sure I will get some of the details wrong and be corrected later, but here is the gist.

Her father passed away when she was 12. Part of how her mother supported the family was to buy big houses and rent out rooms to boarders. This was the 1940s in the Twin Cities. One day my mom came home from high school, and she saw her room had been moved into the dining room. A man had shown up that day and would pay money to rent my mom’s bedroom.

I said, “Gosh, weren’t you upset?”

My mom: “Why would I be upset? My mom got $25 a month for that room. I understood.”

Now, I made up that amount, but you get it. I like when I have flashes of that myself. Practical and unsentimental. Of course, my dad is from Georgia, so I’m also half Southern Gothic. That’s the side that has to stay at home and watch every minute of Ted Kennedy’s funeral,

But back to mom guilt…

My Mother, My Self

Oh, my kingdom for back lighting. And a key light… and oh, if only I had some Oprah lightening for Cool Mom.

I digress. My mother Morency is back.  t’s funny the differences from what we remember about our childhood and what really happened and how that affects how we are as mothers.

If you remember it wrong do you then parent badly?

Sometimes it cracks me up when I hear friends-or myself- say “well, when I was a kid…” As if we all turned out so freaking fabulous we should emulate our upbringing. Isn’t that what our therapy was for, to undo some of how we were raised?

Still I do keenly remember how my mom handled it when I got out of hand, and I thought it taught me something.

But is my memory faulty?

Tantrums, Part 1

I was just speaking to my dad. He said his weekend was about air conditioning (it’s been hot and smokey in LA) and the funeral ( Ted Kennedy’s). I said, “Me too!” We hung on the phone with each other for about 30 minutes during the wake Friday night. We have divergent political views, but my dad and I love history and politics and it’s hard not to feel connected to the Kennedys. We were critiquing some of the speeches and who moved us the most. Orin Hatch,charming, Biden, throws his heart on the table, Sen. Culver, very funny (sidebar: during the funeral Saturday morning Ted Jr. won the weepy award. Touching!)

Some of the commentators have been saying that some of the Kennedy’s associates might ask themselves now, “What would Teddy do?”

When I was watching it all, I just wished I had been invited to sail with him. Looks so cool. (Growing up a middle class kid in Culver City we didn’t have a family sport. Wait, I take that back. Figuring out where to go to eat for dinner and having a fight over the one good seat in the family room while “Love Boat” was one, that was sport.) But knowing me, I probably would have yakked.

In my own life as a mother I sometimes say, “What would mommy do?” Thankfully I can ask her. So, this week a special two parter of Morency, my mom.

Mom of a Mom Blogger

It’s the return of MY MOMMY! If you were coming to this blog a year ago you might have seen my dear mom Morency making a few appearances. To catch up those who haven’t seen her before, she is a Minnesota-born, wise, steady woman who raised three daughters, has 4 grandchildren, and has taught and mentored students in the over 30 years she has run her private school.

I taped four little vlogs with mom the other day. Please note my sterling production value… mic hanging openly, too-large photo distracting between the two of us (which is of my engagement party by the way).

I’ll play the other three soon.