My Child Genius

My sister Carole is here again, so we can talk about how special and wonderful our children are.  Or rather, how special and wonderful and brilliant we all decided they are going to be.  There are even tests you can give your little Mozart.

Do we go overboard with this stuff?  Well, it’s better than neglecting them.

Just One

Cue the music, I have a special guest star on Coolmom today: My big sister Carole!  Carole is a delight and I’ve always wanted her to have a blog as she writes like a modern day Dorthy Parker.  We shot this a couple of weeks ago (as I haven’t been shooting any yuck, yucks just yet).  The week my dad died Carole and I hung out together a lot.  It really helped to be able to speak to someone who felt exactly the same way. Then Carole left for a long planned trip to Italy with her family and my other sister Cecily came back to town and I had her to lean on.  Phew.

Anyway, Carole is a fun person and I thought she would be fun to play with here. Will this be the only vid she is in? Only Just one? We’ll see.