Momversation: Naked Mom Confessions

Oh, god, meant to post this Saturday… but the mom brain is not firing these days. I was on a plane to SF for a night and thought… now what have I forgotten?? Oh, new post, that’s right.

I did dress myself and go for 22 hours up to San Francisco by myself for my goddaughter’s 2nd birthday. It was great to see some of my best girlfriends. I’m always stressed leaving my kids and ready to abort the trip at any moment, but it was fun to be at a pool party and realize I didn’t have to watch out for anyone; if I heard a cry, it wasn’t mine. I did have to do a lot of pumping and battled with the TSA to get my blue ice pack on the plane.

But I digress, I think this is one of the funniest Momversations we have done. The editing makes it… and of course my flimsy robe!

Hey, I bet many people are naked when they are at the computer… hmm, but I digress.