My, How They Grow

One of the things that my kids and me most love to do is sit in our hammock in our back yard. The hammock was a present from their babysitter from her home country of Bolivia. The hammock holder was a house warming present from my mom for when we moved into our home (the one we had to sell.) Funny enough, in our newer domicile the yard is much smaller, but it has great shade. So in the afternoon we sit there under the dappled light. Vivien likes playing there and cuddling. It relaxes Rex before his nap.

It’s a place of sharing special moments with my kids.

Like this one.

Why Don’t They Leave Me Alone?

Okay, start up the Vidder Awards, cause this vid should get one. I know, not nice to brag. But I think this is a good one. Trying to change it up a little.

Also, my pasty white, slab of a belly is in its full flower here!

Programming note: the teddy bear is a stand in for Rex.

After you watch it, tell me if you can’t relate. I mean, come on people!

Preschool Orientation

Well, first off, I look so chubby in this, it’s hard for me to watch. But beyond my jelly roll, this illustrates when I got a little too caught up in preschool and briefly forgot my responsibility as a mom. I taped this a few weeks ago, but thought it was better to run it as we are going through the transition of the start of preschool

Today is D-Day. I can stay a while, but then have to leave to go to work. I am having my sister and niece pick her up, which Vivien is excited about.  I just hope she doesn’t cry when I leave.  Ugh.