Neighbor’s Trash Cans

Neighbors do matter. If you have some noisy, trashy neighbor who kicks your dog and makes inappropriate comments when you wear shorts in the summer, it’s a major problem. When you live on a block or in a building with strangers who don’t know or care to know who you are, the world feels like a lonely place.

I’m a person who likes to know my neighbors. It helps me feel grounded and connected to a sense of place.  It’s easy to keep to yourself; it’s harder to introduce yourself to a stranger who lives near you. Fortunately, our last move found us on a block with some nice people. People who come to my kids’ birthday parties, people who know when we take a trip and we know when they do. Best of all, one household have become what Mark calls “A-List” friends.

I even phoned them with a breakfast emergency the other morning. “What is it?” my neighbor asked. Not in an annoyed way, but that she knew there was a purpose to the call. “I’m out of oatmeal.” I go through breakfast streaks, and right now it’s oatmeal with fresh and/or dried fruit and nuts. So, I thought I would have the DT’s if I didn’t get me some oatmeal. She met me in the street with a Ziploc of oats. A friend in need…

But that is not the kind of neighbor that inspired this vid. Some neighbor etiquette needs to be observed. Some aren’t parking their car on their lawn, yet, annoying nonetheless.

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