While working in NYC, I ran into Mr. Rocco DiSpirito at dinner last night. I yelled out, “Hey Rocco, I’m Mark Peel’s wife.”
He replied “Yes, you are” which was cute since he’s never met me before.

Feel like I knew him since my husband does and he was on Dancing With The Stars. He was fun to talk to. He said being on DWTS was harder than doing Iron Mans! I showed him pictures of my kids and then we were seated at different tables.

After a little wine I started to feel a little insecure in this big room full of new people so I sought Rocco out. “Hey, you are now my oldest friend here. I think I look good, yeah.”

“Let me see,” he said teasingly. “Yeah you look great…and you’re funny. I knew you’d be funny.”


“Because you’re married to Mark and he has a great sense of humor.”

Sure is good to see homefolk.

Wish me luck emceeing Digital Content Newfront today in front of a lot big wigs!

Next week

Okay, peeps, next week I’m off to NYC.  First and foremost to emcee Digital content newfront which brings together online advertisers and content providers (refer to earlier comments about how I need to monetize this site).  I was very pleased to be asked.  And I will be also shooting some stuff for The Fashion Team.  I am going to be covering the Ffany’s.  What? you don’t know what it is? Well, until my gbff Michael told me about it, I didn’t either.  But, it’s the shoe equivilent of fashion week.

It’s going to be action packed and I doubt I will have any social/fun time.  I have to admit that I don’t feel guilty about going. This is a first.  But, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my kids and it’s nice that Vivien is old enough to get the “mommy comes back” idea and I will have that tug when I go to walk out the door.  But, honestly, kind of looking forward to a little break.

While I am gone I’m going to try to thumb out some stuff on my phone, but not sure how well that will work. So, Tuesday I’m going to have Amanda from Crabmommy guest blog for me.  She was my first mom blogger friend.  She used to blog at Cookie magazine (RIP) and I always enjoyed her sassy, no apology voice.

Cute picture of Rex and his young mom, huh? I photo shopped the hell out of my face.  This is how I look in my idealized brain.  Maybe if I had had him at 24.  Which I so didn’t.  Oye.

It’s almost summer! OMG!

Baby Love: The Play

I always like to see an off-off-Broadway show when I am in NYC. The dark, little out of the way black box theaters remind me of the years I spent performing in such houses. They may not be glamorous, but you can find some good shows and, of course, some awful ones.

The other week I took Mark to see Baby Love, a one-woman show by Christen Clifford. It was right up my alley. A free spirited, sexually open woman becomes a mother. In the process she falls in love with her child and can barely remember what an orgasm is. The lady spoke truths! And she did it in 60 minutes which is as long as I like to sit.

Baby Love the Play

I even got a sex toy from Christen. I don’t think she saw a fellow traveler. She just asked who was a new mom and no one else raised their hand, so I thought, well, “newish”. A locaI store, babeland, had donated the goods. What’s also cool about the show is she performs while she is presently with child again.

If you get to New York, see this show. It’s rare to see someone talk about that deep sensual satisfaction that loving a child can bring you. Because it makes you sound like a nut, but we know it’s true.

(For the non moms it’s not a Michael Jackson thing, it’s a feeling thing)

Hanging with Clifford The Big Red Dog!

Remember when you were in elementary school and you got to order your Scholastic books? Well, they are so much more than those sweet little anticipated books in your first-grade hands. They have a big, rad store in SoHo. Who knew?

Daphne at the Scholastic store in Soho

Next time you are in NYC, forget the tourists traps and go there. The beautiful, modern building is probably courtesy of Harry Potter, since they had a piece of that which has accounted for about 50% of their revenue. But, of great interest to me is their part in Clifford the Big Red Dog. They have a coin-operated Clifford. Which sadly wasn’t working. But it’s a big, beautiful, child-friendly book store.

Vivien and Mark reading at Scholastic

I had a meeting upstairs while Mark and Viv scampered downstairs. Nice to do something for Vivien before I dragged her to a few stores to shop. But I ended buying more stuff for her, per usual. It was an honor to wear a tag with Clifford on it. But that Chloe, she is such a pushy little dog.