Momversation: Responses to Circumcision

Well by talking about it more, we might all go blind, but what the heck. Maybe we should put a snappy title on it, like “Moms talk foreskin!” This Momversation revisits our discussion of circumcision and some of the feedback we got. Now, don’t let the disagreement fool you. Alice and I had different viewpoints, but I think she is a real wit and love following her tweets and her blog. And she sent me a supportive message the day I had my son. So, we are all fine in the end.

On Momversation: Circumcision?

Hang on to your foreskin!  It’s going to be a bumpy ride on Momversation.  Cool Mom readers know my feelings about circumcision… one for which I garnered much more support than I expected.  So I brought it up to the Momversation panel.  Can’t say I made any friends on this one!

Well, see how the moms hash out the question: to cut or not to cut?