up and down weight of a woman

Maybe dudes have some of these issues, but look between

1) age

2) change of lifestyle

3) dieting

23 weeks pregnant with Rex

4) pregnancy

5) nursing

6) weird diet her friend told her to do, but made her dizzy and retain water

7) working in TV

7.5) stress

9) getting pregnant again

10) nursing again

11) exhaustion

12) another friend’s other weird diet that made me crave pineapple


Women have to contend with being the great growing and shrinking machine. Right now I’m in the shrinking phase after having been stuck at belly-fat-palooza for a while.  I’ve lost 8 lbs with a combo of stress and weight watchers.  I also embrace being a tad hungry at time and muscle through it.   I have a lot of cute clothes from when I was richer and thinner and I’d like to fit back into them.

I stumbled across this chestnut from when I was pregnant with Rex

and I was in the Growing phase.  It all comes down to organizing your closet! The big clothes, the small clothes.  I’m still a recessionista so I’m not throwing anything away and buying very little, unless I get as small as Jennifer Hudson.

A post breast feeding song

So, this seems like a great comedic coda to the Time Magazine boob-ha-ha.  These gals, Comediva,  are totally my food group.  I just can’t play a guitar or sing that well, as evidenced by my Butt Problem anthem.  They did a funny video with song about what breast feeding has done to their body.  Enjoy!  ( click here for song)

Happy Mothers day.


Super tweaked

I’m late posting a vid today because I’m in another realm of so flipping tired.  I’ve entered super tweaked. Rex had a fever Friday.  Mark took him in as I was working and they found nothing wrong, no ear infection, etc.  So through Sunday am, he had the fever off and on.  We gave him the pain relievers to bring it down. He didn’t eat much, but seemed to be getting better.  As a consequences he woke up..a lot. He is fine now and we think it was because he had a lot of teeth break through the last few days. Did I mention that he woke up a lot?

A lot.  A lot.  And nursed like he was a newborn.  I know I don’t have that much milk left, but he sucked like I was Daisy the cow.  Which is fine, as I want to comfort him.  But, just not at 11:45.  2:15am, 5am-6am till he discovers my purse on the floor and rips everything out of it. Fine with me, it gave me 20 minutes of shut eye and I needed to clean out my wallet anyway.

This is the first real nap he has taken today.  But, enough about me.  My big, super reason for being super tweaked is Rex is having surgery tomorrow. I don’t want to say why as I think he should have some privacy in his life, but it’s not life threatening, but it’s general anesthesia, two hour operation.  It’s not a small deal.  We have already put it off once.

I would love to hear from parents how they get through this because when they wheel him away from me tomorrow I think I might pass out. And coming after a weekend where I’ve already been rubbed raw, literally and figuratively, this could be a hell of a week.  I’m going to try and write stuff today because I think for the rest of the week I will be shit for brains.

I worry about wiping that sweet smile off his face. Sigh.  My poor little guy.

Feeding Time

I also thought of titling this “Why Nursing Is Easier.” It shows what is going on at mealtimes. I still nurse, but am trying to feed him finger feeds and such three times a day, per doctors orders.

As I write this I’m so toast. Kind of ran out of places to get Rex down for bed in our current home. It’s late, and I haven’t even tried to then get Vivien down. I want to eat something first. I’ll write more when I’m not exhausted and my back doesn’t hurt. Oy.

Finding Time for… Momversation

So, today marks the 100th episode of Momversation. (We did a little special thing over on Momversation.com). The Momversation I’m in today concerns that old saw “How do you find time for yourself?” Heather Armstrong of dooce is back after a hiatus to have her daughter Marlo (love that name) and two producers on the “Today” show are guesting.

When Vivien was a baby, I loved nursing here. Felt like that was me time. It gave me permission to not work, clean up, whatever. I had to sit. And then I just thought, or watched TV, or read. I’m missing that with Rex since he doesn’t nurse as long as she did and is more easily distracted. If I’m not nursing, I don’t really find time or give myself permission to watch a show I like or read more than the headlines.

What do you do to carve out sometime for yourself?

Or is that idea a joke?

One-Handed Blogging

I’ve got to write quick. Rex just entered “quiet alert” after lots of nursing and copious amounts of Pooh. While Viv pretends she is in school, I stick Rex in his swing. Thank goodness he likes it more than Viv did at this age. She would last about 2 minutes.

But if my comments or postings seem short these days, it’s because I am often in the above pictured mode and blogging with one available hand. It’s even harder if Rex is nursing on my right side. The nursing is going well. The baby nurse who comes once a week so I can get one good night of sleep says I’m “pumping half and half”. He’s getting big so maybe she is right.  Side bar, hard to write the check for such aid, but boy, oh, boy is it worth to have that night of sleep. I just wake up twice to pump and go back to bed immediately.

I’m also counting on this one-handed life to help me to lose weight. Since often I can only eat with one hand. And it’s a great excuse not to clean.

Bye Bye, Bottle

Look, she ditched her binky a long time ago, but she isn’t toilet trained and she still likes a bottle at nap time, bed time, and sometimes to ease a cranky mood. This video is about me trying to wean her off the bottle. I was NOT successful and have given up of late. If anyone has words of wisdom, lay it on me.

Since I nursed till she was 2.2 and now she is 2.10, it should be no surprise that I am slow on this stage as well. Oh God, and don’t get me going on my lame-ass, lazy toilet-training. Hoping her new school can help with that one.