The week after

Yes, it was great, but I’m eager to get back to life.  Thanksgiving week was  bit different for me this year as I had lots of work.  The kind of work that means I had to sit in a chair all day with other people.  I’m only a tad better at this than my my 4 year old son.  Friday I was Fried indeed from the Thanksgiving cooking, dinner, hosting, football. We are the low rent Kennedy’s so there is always a football game.  

As you can see I bring spirit, if not talent to the game.

Friday day I needed to be sitting.  Sitting. Sitting.   In work mode.  Acting like an adult.  So, when I finally got home I was a tad pent up. The last guest remained, my old travel buddy Whitney.  (“Hey, kids who wants to see the pictures of our trip to Mexico in 2000?  No one?”) So, Whitney caught my vibe ( note: baby sitter scurry away, running toward her car, Mark seen before, ignores us).  Click here to see crazy lady dancing around the house

At least as I sat and sat last week I was with people I like who treated me with respect. I thought of friends who are treated shabbily in their work and  how soul killing that is . I’m a performer at heart, so even if the job of the day doesn’t entail a performance I need to let the monkey roar.


Friend Dating

You ever notice how old friends take more work than new friends? Often, old friends have accumulated baggage that we must contend with because now, we are in too deep. Or you made them when you were so young or needy you couldn’t screen them as sharply as you do newer friends.

It’s like the difference between dating my 20s and dating in my 30s.  In my 20s I put up with all kinds of nonsense. In my 30s at the first sign on annoyance, I was, “Get your crap and get out of here.”

Here is a thought on my present state of friendships.