Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon Visits Cool Mom

Garcelle was such a sweetheart when she visited the Fashion Team the other week. Naturally beautiful, she certainly didn’t look worse for the wear for having twins. She also has a teenage son, Oliver, from a previous marriage.  She has been the young mom and now the older mom. I told her my joke that if I met a mom who is under 35, I think they have been slipped a Roofie. She then told me a story that happened a couple of years ago. She was at an event when Kimora Lee Simmons walked by with a reality TV crew in tow. During their small talk, Kimora asked her how old Garcelle’s son was.

“16,” she replied.

“Oh, my God,” Kimora screamed as the cameras rolled. “Were you raped?”

A real bull in a China shop. But since so many professional women defer child-bearing (like myself), not unsurprising. Here I ask Garcelle some Cool Mom questions.

Older Moms

Older moms can so relate to the first few minutes of Baby Mama when Tina Fey’s character talks about how by concentrating on her career she will be the oldest mom in preschool. Her character is 37, which in my daughter’s circle would make her one of the younger moms. That’s right old moms, we are not alone! It’s a little painful when you do the backward math and realize how old a child of yours would be if one resulted from when you were first sexually active. Oh, well. Here’s my ruminations on not being a child bride.