funny gal guide to organization

As I always say when someone asks if I would be interested interviewing someone, “will they come to my house?”  I don’t offer that if the subject doesn’t interest me, but when I saw the title of this book “The Funny Woman Guide to Get Organized Now” by Isabella McBride I gave her my address.  I’m funny, I always need to be more organized.

Let’s meet this lass.  Starting Thursday her E-book will be available for FREE.  So, jump on it. To get the book click HERE

Use It or Lose It

I felt like a really accomplished something this weekend. I managed to go through all of Rex’s drawers and put the clothes he no longer fits in into a large shopping bag. I was spilling over there were so many clothes. Most I would love to pass on to someone as they are still in great shape. A couple I will be fashion into a scarf so that they are with me always. (Cut to shot of lady with a white lace trimmed onesie wrapped around her neck).

Then I organized the drawers. I unearthed the cute clothes that he has not worn or barely worn and can wear in one drawer, and the ones that he will wear in 2 to 6 months in another drawer. PJs and sweaters in a separate place. Then once I saw some of his more dashing clothes, I had to call up Sears Portrait studio to get his picture taken.

It all started with this vlog. And sorry, yes, it looks like I’m going to Basic Instinct on you, but not quite. Sorry, that’s the problem when you are your own cameraperson.

Block Party

One of the things I love about where I live is that we have a block party.  My part of the block is known as being slackers, so I kept shouting “I’m a joiner” as soon as I moved in.  Cut to myself and two other gals who organized the whole thing.  It was great.  But what would have made it better is if the community had invested in some name tags or stickers before the big event.

This video is sponsored by Stuck On You.