Fiscal Cliff that is not

I have been thinking this, but didn’t take fingers to keyboard to hammer this out. Fortunately, one of my favorite bloggers did.  Pundit Mom, Joanne Bamberger wrote THIS (click the “this”) great piece for Huff Po which says what I’ve been Muttering to myself. “IT”S NOT A FISCAL CLIFF”.

#1 the media are such sheep they keep repeating the same buzz word like it’s the gospel.  #2 One could say we went off the Fiscal cliff back when W was president and he raised spending and lowered taxes, wiping out the surplus Clinton had managed.

#3 One could also say that the love affair with the military industrial complex and the soaring entitlements are it’s own fiscal cliff which started decades ago.

#4 Hasn’t the tea party been saying we need to get the fiscal house in order?  Aren’t these triggers a step in the direction we have been talking about?

I will jump off a virtual cliff if I hear this phrase one more time.

Speaking of getting your house in order.  Behold one of our recent projects.  Toys in closet.

Now with Mark coming home it was time to house his extensive cookbook collection.  Voila.

Finally, I have something to show for this year



Toy Audit

One of the opportunities that moving affords is the ability to start anew. I won’t have a pile of crap on my kitchen counter here. Oh, no, it will be an “everything has its place” kind of house. And what a good time to take stock of our bins of toys, right? While I’m at it, I think I will involve my five-year-old in the process. Yes, I’m a flipping genius.

Help–the solution

Thanks to all for the suggestions on my pile o’toys.  I checked out the suggested storage bins and shelves.  I wasn’t wild about them and moreover I thought, “Wait, I’ll be bringing another object into this house?”  So here is what I did.

1) threw some stuff out (did while Vivien was at camp and I would get no guff)

2) separated hard toys from soft toys.  Musical toys all in same bin.  I needed to create order in the disorder.

3) moved her little table that was always in the way to another part of the room that opened up the space.

But, my big move was creating ANOTHER play room!.  I cleaned and organized my garage.  I had a wild hair and went with it.  Getting out the dead leaves encrusted everywhere was the hardest part.  Divided up the sides the of garage into zones 1) things that we’ll access – Costco over low, wine, suitcases 2) back is stuff we never touch and won’t unless we move into a larger home 3) metro shelving filled with things we need occasionally like Christmas stuff. I bought a carpet remnant and…

PLAYROOM EAST was born.  The kids love it.  Feel like I had a low cost addition.  Oh, I did.  Thinking I can fit a piece of exercise equipment there as well one day…when I’m not worried about Rex getting hurt on it.

So, that’s my story.