Momversation: What’s Your Best Piece of Parenting Advice?

What’s the best parenting advice you ever got? I’m sure some was when I was super sleepy so I can’t remember it, but in this Momversation I did mention some gems. Some of the Momversationalists don’t like advice. I don’t mind advice, I mind a snippy know it all attitude which is not the same thing. If someone is tsk, tsking while your kid is in a meltdown and says things like “gee, maybe you should feed her” and you want to scream “Of course I feed my kid dumbass, she is 3 and this is part of being her age. Don’t judge my mothering!”

In the same situation the onlooker could say “I know this is tough mom. If you are ok with it sometimes I give my kids a c-o-o-k-i-e. I have some if you want it.”

Note on the programming: I shot in my dressing room at tv guide on a shoot day so I have pro hair and make up. Not all haggard.

momversation: parenting advice

In this Momversation I just wanted throw my arms around that cute Giyen.  She is struggling being a motherless mother to a teenage daughter.  I rely on my mom a lot, so I think that would be hard.  But, she is asking the moms out there, “do you ask your friends or parents for parenting advice?”  I shot this on my vacation in Palm Springs, so I was relaxed, happy, sun kissed and in an echoey bathroom.