Year’s End

Right, so I MEANT to throw this up at the end of the year. But there goes my organization. I’ll put that on my list of resolutions. (Determined face and stubby pencil I write.) Keep better track of what I taped and when I put it up. Okay, that’s done.

It all still works, but when you here references to “this year,” know that I mean ’09.

How did you feel at year’s end?

Ghosts of Boyfriends Past

Sometimes it hits you in the strangest moments. You are in mom mode, driving the kids around, putting them to bed after a eating mac and cheese out of box, and then it comes to you. A super vivid dream where you are with an old boyfriend. In my experience, they are usually very warm, the feelings that is, in the dreams. I think it’s natural to want to connect to that part of yourself that has been buried deeper than a parking space at Target.