What binder am I in?

I love running gags.  I love the Memes that develop online.  The best one to come out of the debate this week was all the binder jokes. I’d to work more, so perhaps Mitt Romney could fit me in one of his binders?  The “TV host, comic, vlogger” binder.  We are the bridge to no where of workers.

To be fair to Mitt and his binder beyond the Lily Ledbetter legislation Obama could have done better in his reply to the question of how to address the fact that women make 72 cents to a man’s dollar, as well.  Mary McNamera, TV critic for the LA times, had a pithy response to the back and forth.  Check it out, but this is one of my favorite parts

So we fixed that,” the president said. Et voila, pay equity all around! Instead of discussing how, say, that act might work for real women, he decided to turn a question about equal pay into an opportunity for him to point out his support for legal abortion and insurance coverage of contraceptives.

Because clearly any mention of women must prompt a discussion of abortion and contraception, and legal abortion and covered contraception should, somehow, make up for women not getting paid enough. (Memo to American management: Next time a man asks for a raise, just hand him a box of condoms.)

But, Romney’s boast that he got a “binder full of women” so he could get some new hires with a vagina has prompted the cargo load of jokes and memes.  It sounded at best a bit stiff and out of touch and worst insulting, “you got all the way to the governers office without knowing women of merit? All that business experience you had and you didn’t know some women to bring along?”

Not to mention, great you hired some broads, how does that help American women going forward?

Back to the jokes.. it’s the binder, people.  These are some of my favorites.

This is my fave.. perfect picture of Clinton.  Btw way, check out the twitter @pimpbillclinton  riot.

I was interviewing celebs on the Red Carpet with “The most interesting man in the world” showed up.  He crushed the Desperate Housewives and all others in terms of the crowds response.  He is a nice guy.


I have some empty binders if anyone needs them.

On Momversation: Birth Control

I like this Momversation. It’s funny, moves along, and has a lot of my witty bits. Love woman just laying all the personal stuff out there. Well, leave it to bloggers.

One bit of birth control that I recommend that didn’t make it in the final cut is this… go to a county fair or an amusement park and look at the fat, unhappy families, tired and cranky who just spent way too much money. I want to go up and say, “Was it worth it?” (The day at the place, not the kids, but you know.)

Sidebar:  Patrick Swayze… waaah. I know it was expected, but bless him. That guy was in two of the most seminal chic flicks EVER. “Dirty Dancing”, which I saw about 10 times when it came out, and it acted like Prozac for me. Sweet hunky guy falling for unconventionally pretty gal. Also the last film to deal realistically about abortion. As in, sometimes a woman ( poor, unmarried, etc.) just needed to get one. They never show that any more.

“Ghost.”  I was separated by 500 miles from my then fiancee and was so in love. I would watch that film and feel the love he and Demi Moore had and cry my eyes out. He was such a stud muffin, and in both films he was so vulnerable. Think he was underrated as an actor. And as actors would say, he committed. Like in that great sketch with Chris Farley. So funny, because he committed to it.

And committed of course to his wife since he was a kid. A real love story.