Pictures My Daughter Takes

I’m not going to make the case that my kid is the next Annie Lebiowitz or Ansel Adams.  Most of what she takes when she grabs our camera is crap.  Lots of pictures of concrete sidewalks, people mid chew, part of furniture askew and partly out of frame.  Come to think of it, kind of like the pictures my dad took my whole life.  But, as I delete 95% of them a few jump out to me as worthy of keeping.

This one is cool, but  Rex and his dad are in virtually in the same position.  Big person chair, little guy chair.

I love this one she clicked of her sweet face with bedraggled mom yapping away in the background.

And while not one I will frame I thought it was composed well and it summed up the vibe of that afternoon: parents and kids.
The parents with their red wine, and the baby bottle of milk.
Of course I’m biased.