I Never Developed My Wedding Pictures

We just passed my wedding anniversary so this is a timely video.

I’ve been married twice, but to the same man.

First we had a “shot gun” wedding as I was 6 months pregnant.  A really lovely ceremony in our living room. We threw it together in 5 days.  Mark’s friend who is a judge married us and we had about 10 people there. Family and two friends.  His restaurant catered a brunch.  In the afternoon we drove down to Palm Springs for our honeymoon. It was Perfect.  My mom said it was one of the best weddings she had ever been to.  I think the only one she liked more was my brother’s which had a total of 5 people attending. We had lovely photos and I put them in a book as I waited for my daughter to be born.

But, I couldn’t leave well enough alone.  When Vivien was a year we had a big, blow out 3 day long wedding redux in Palm Springs.  There was the “Daphne Open” golf tourney.  The “Mark croquet” morning.  You know the kind of thing one can do BEFORE a certain notable Ponzi scheme was found out.

I won’t kid you too, I looked good at the 2nd wedding.  I had lost my baby weight and then some.  The desert color made every one look like a movie star.  So, Why don’t I have ONE photo framed or in a book?


Ballet Recital Part 2

If you remember, a while ago I showed you the sad, forlorn-looking photo of Vivien for her portrait preceding her ballet recital. She was, of course, a triumph in both of her recitals. But, I was conflicted over if I was being too pushy by dressing her up and wanting her to take a cute picture. I know she’ll love to see it 20 years from now. As will I, because I am sure she will never come to visit… Maybe she’ll want it for her senior page, right?

So, I brought her big brother Oliver to help me elicit a positive response. Look how well it turned out! Pushy mom triumphs once again.