Third row when you need it (spons)

Today while I do my last minute shopping I would need the flex third row for packing in last minute presents.  But, for carting around kids I do wish I had a third row option available (batting my eyelashes at Kia).

It’s been tough enough to squeeze in one Viv friend into my back seat, a fourth kid would have to run along side. Which is too bad because I would love my kids to have buddy time in a safe a legal manner.

So, in this parallel universe where I have the 2013 Kia Sorento I get my wish.  A third row, happy kids and a cold drink on a hot day.  ( yes, this was shot in Sept)  I also have some crazy Yoko Ono sunglasses.  Can’t remember how that came about.


How to deal with parents you don’t like

IT’S FINALLY HERE!  I’ve gestated and now I’ve given birth to the funniest webisode I’ve ever done and the funniest video I’ve done since “Moms with Scarves.”   This is the first of 8 episodes with Cafe Mom Studios for the NEW series “How To Be a Mom”.  I’m really proud of it and it was so great to work with a creative team after shooting, editing, feeding all by myself all year.

PLEASE watch, Please SUBSCRIBE to cafemomstudios on youtube to see them all ( and so I can do more).

My friend Sarah Maizes ( “professional writer, amateur mom” lol) guest stars as all the annoying parents that cross my path. Per usual, I couldn’t have done this without my kids, Vivien and Rex!

ENJOY and let me know what you think.


Just Say No… to Playdates!

Once again, my big sis Carole is helping me out with blogging, since she can’t help with nursing. And what is the deal with playdates? Where did the name come from?

Book! Gorilla! Gorilla Book!
Creative Commons License photo credit: Kelly Sue

Playdates (is it officially one word or two?) came up while Daphne and I were enjoying our annual Monday night “Mom’s Out” cocktail. (We’ve done it once, but it could be a trend.)

It seems that Vivien’s dance card is packed with playdates; the phone rings off the hook with playdate requests.

This reminds me so much of what happened when my son Charlie was Vivien’s age. I was running myself ragged going here and there and everywhere on playdates that took too much of our time.  Playdating is no
different than “grown-up ” dating (except for the chaperons). You cannot say “YES” to everyone, nor should you.  Of course, it is beneficial for your child to have social interaction with children, but once they are in pre-school, it is built in– and sometimes I wondered who the playdates were for…. the child or the parent?

Playdates, like everything else should be done in moderation. Now that my son is 11, I suggest that all playdates take place right after school in the park (neutral territory)  and as I reassured Daphne– it really is OK
to just say no to a playdate.