May I Take Your Order?

Mark went to Vivien’s school and made grilled cheese sandwiches for her class. He was proud that she was more adventurous with the ingredients than the other kids. Campanile is known for their Thursday Grilled Cheese Nights. They are not normal grilled cheese sandwiches. Things like open face faced Burrata mozzarella, toasted garlic, cherry tomatoes, along with a basic grilled cheese. All delish. Vivien loves the walkie talkies dad uses at the farmer’s market and when he puts her car seat in the van.

If she worked with him now it might violate some child labor laws. But maybe one day…

Pre-School Fashion

Am I the only mom that gazes at the girls in pre-school and picks out admirable fashion? I have often uttered to a 3 year old, “I’d wear that.” Some things only a little kid can get away with.  When Vivien puts on striped tights, a flower dress, and super hero cape and says to me, “Momma, can I wear this?”

I say, “Sweetie, you are 4; knock yourself out. Wear whatever you want.” Unsaid? “Because it’s the only time you will feel this free.”

Granted at school drop off, I’m usually at my schlompiest best (but it fits). Here’s a dress of Vivien’s I wish was in my size. She doesn’t wear it much because it’s not pink or purple, but I love it. And it’s made of heavy velvet; it has a nice hand.

I’ll be clutching that one to my chest years from now.

Spring Break Break

I, like other mothers, was bracing for my kid’s spring break. I thought I would hate it. I’ve been spoiled by Vivien being in school from 9 (if I get there on time) to just before 3 (pick up later, and you are in trouble). Now I haven’t been at peak work/writing production during the break, but now that it’s about to end I’m a bit wistful. In all she will have been off for 2 and half weeks.

I mentioned to a mom friend that I like spring break.

“You are the only one” she quipped.

I found Vivien was better behaved, and we had less conflict on her break. My mom , a former nursery school director, thinks Viv’s school is too crowded and that it can promote aggressiveness in kids. I also thought maybe our conflicts come from me not focusing enough on her, especially with a new baby. She gets mom time, and then she is more reasonable. It’s not only I who have noticed; my husband and Dolly (who helps me when Mark works at night) has also noticed a sweeter kid. So, do I send her back to school?

Well, she likes her buddies there, and it’s paid for. And I really want to lose these 15 pounds, so I am going to use some of her school time to push Rex around in a stroller. Other than that, I might consider a little home preschooling.

Losing Stuff

Sometimes accomplishing the vexing little things can yield the most satisfying results. Like mending dangling buttons, or throwing out the dead flower arrangement from Thanksgiving, or labeling everything I can get my hands on. No joke. If they made labels for freezers, my sisters and I would have used them to mark our favorite ice cream. Hell would rain down if you ever ate the other’s designated pint (hmm, it’s a wonder we aren’t porkers). In this vlog I tackle the “Where is your sweater question?” with the help of labels, of course.

This video is sponsored by Stuck On You.

Stacked Up: School Library

It’s a rite of passage of parenthood: volunteering at your kid’s school. I signed up for the school library, thinking that I can label and stack and organize.  Deciding on categories is tough, though.  We aren’t dealing with the Dewy Decimal system.  Ours is more like, “There’s a bear family in this book; oh, right, I’ll put the animal sticker on it.”

Those tasks can always be more tedious than one imagines.  Now that I can barely bend over, I might have to retire my library hat for while.  But the last time I was in the library, it looked fine.  Not my fault if people don’t put books back in the right places!  Here are other ramblings of a library volunteer.