Pregnancy Magazine and Me

Hey, Pregnancy magazine ditched their old site (about time) and built a new one. It’s much more user-friendly.  And, of course, one of the best parts is, it is featuring Cool Mom vids.  I also wrote an essay for them for their March issue (the kind you buy at the newsstand) about my hot pregnancy dreams.

Cheryl, Paul & Bump
Creative Commons License photo credit: Rob Gallop

Pregnancy is definitely one of the better mom mags.  Not too goofy/sanitized (sample, “Can you calculate your baby’s carbon butt print?”).  Oh, and of course, they like me!

Pregnant Sex Dreams

In my continuing quest to be honest and point out the upsides of pregnancy, in this video I talk about the passionate dreams. Oh, don’t tell I’m the only one who has felt her hormones surge during gestation. Before you’re so huge that you can’t roll out of bed for your 16th pee of the night comes another nice nighttime companion.