Gross Bathrooms

Mama is looking pregnant now!

Here’s one of the hidden secrets of parenthood: Gross bathrooms. Kind of like how no one told me I was going to bleed for a week after delivery. Funny, when the glossy magazines are going on about the “celebrity baby boom,” blood and filth in public restrooms seems to be missing from the “I love being a mom” PR spin.

Prenatal Waxing

A down-there grooming for the mom-to-be, as mentioned in Jezebel, is no joke. Before I gave birth to Vivien, I braced myself for my first-ever bikini wax. At the time I thought I was going to have a vaginal birth and wanted a clean plate on which to serve my daughter, so to speak. Also, the bigger the belly gets, the harder it is to do any kind of trimming. If you can’t bend over, it’s a jungle down there.

My Two Loves
Creative Commons License photo credit: virexmachina

But don’t let anyone con you. Waxing hurts. When I got it done, waxer lady said I was sensitive because of my hormones. I was sensitive because my hair was being yanked out by strips of hot wax.

Do get a wax, and getting a mani-pedi is smart. ‘Cause, let’s face it, once that new baby comes, you are a prisoner in your house for a while and you want to look your best for… for… for… hmmm, who will see you?