Dressing For Your Second Pregnancy

I’m not going to kid you: Sometimes I crack myself up. This is one of those times.

How do you dress for a second pregnancy? Is it different than the first one? Now that I’ve been through it, I am more easy-going with the process. As in, I’ll suddenly realize, “Oh yeah, now I can’t fit into clothes or through a doorway.” Whereas when I was pregnant with Viv, every few weeks it was “Oh my God, what happened to my cute little tush??”

Gross Bathrooms

Mama is looking pregnant now!

Here’s one of the hidden secrets of parenthood: Gross bathrooms. Kind of like how no one told me I was going to bleed for a week after delivery. Funny, when the glossy magazines are going on about the “celebrity baby boom,” blood and filth in public restrooms seems to be missing from the “I love being a mom” PR spin.

Pregnancy Brain

I am transitioning! That’s right, it’s time to go from master of my own body – from wearing cute clothes, from the ease of a three-year-old I can leave in a room by herself for a while – to that final cross-over into the pregnancy world! I find myself wondering why I am so out of breath on the treadmill and remember, oh, yeah, I’m pregnant. Suddenly, Curves has become a bit of a workout.

The Shape of a Mother

As we all know, your body does some adjusting when you are pregnant. Things that don’t always change after birth. Yes, one of my feet is a half-size larger than the other.

This site, The Shape of a Mother, was funny and touching. It is a very honest site about our bodies. So after you watch my vlog, please go check it out. It’s a great antidote to those awful tabloid covers rating celebrity cellulite and other flaws. What famous women have imperfect bodies? Stars, they’re just like us!