Cat Deeley

Well, talk about being a glass half full kind of person, that’s how Cat Deeley struck me. Cat is the host of Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance?”   Why shouldn’t she be? Beautiful, confident, on a big show and now with her own jewelry line on QVC which is how she turned up on the Fashion Team this week.

We were all charmed with her.  Even when she said “This is a cute little show.”  Yes, it’s not a primetime show on Fox with a huge following, but we call it home.  She was very easy going and sweet.  I tried on this bracelet for a segment about her line and when it was done she said, “Keep it”.  Okay by me!  I spoke to her about doing some kind of giveaway for visitors and she was enthusiastic, so we shall see. The line is based on vintage pieces.

We looked at the fashion of Prince Harry at one point and I told her off camera about my take on the princes.  She had met them at the concert they threw to commemorate the anniversary of their mother’s death.  She said they were the nicest, most well mannered gentleman. Sigh, mummy would be proud.