Cool Mom Poll: Parental ADD

A friend just sent me one of those chain emails that is a witty bit about having ADD as an adult. Of course the problem I have with the email is that it’s too long! That’s partly my comedic training: If the set-up is too long, you have lost your audience.

But maybe it’s because I do have a shorter attention span. 

I think I’ve always been an impatient, cut-to-the-chase person, but motherhood sped things up. If a friend calls during some five minutes of peace I have because my little one has just found a bright, shiny object… in the old days, I could have yapped a while. Now I have to use my moments efficiently.

Or maybe I have early dementia and can’t keep too many thoughts in my head at once. So this week I want to ask you if  you ever feel like you’ve got adult-onset ADD? And is it parenthood that did it to you? Let me know in the poll below, and I’ll reveal the results on Friday:


Cool Mom Poll Results: Double Strollers

I love the people who visit Cool Mom! I wanted to go off on the double stroller, but I thought, “Hmm, am I just a total bitch? Perhaps I should put this issue up for a vote.” Well, as of last night, 61% of you think the double strollers are a menance.

Double Stroller Poll Results - Cool Mom

Now, I feel a little bad about agreeing, ’cause sometimes you have twins (or Catholic twins) and you just need a double. But in tight corners, they are ungainly. And I loved the comments from the moms who have been in the trenches with the tandems and double-wides. Reminds me of the difference between labor and C-sections: They both suck.

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Time Out For, Time Out’s? Survey Results Are In!

Okay, here are the results of the FIRST EVER COOL MOM.COM SURVEY/QUIZ. Although this one was a survey, there could be a quiz in the future. I instituted a quiz when I first took the helm of the Dr. Dean Edell show and I’ve been a sucker for them ever since.

Well, here are the results:

I would have loved more “Overrated And Lame” votes. Just goes to show there is no magic bullet. I partly did this because I can’t make up my mind. If I just threaten a time out, Viv doesn’t like it. She definitely doesn’t like it when I actually enforce a time out. After I have made the decision to give a time out I don’t a shift in behavior. If she is at that out of control stage 95% of the time it’s because she’s over tired and no “discipline” is going to help. My only hope is getting her to sack out. The other 5% of bad behavior is usually because I’ve been watching too much Olympics or Democratic convention and she’s had it with my neglect and lack of cartoons.

The 9% who say Time Outs are very effective I wonder what you are doing exactly, to make it work so well?

The other thing that bugs me about Time Outs is, when I was a kid it didn’t have that name. My mom just threw me in my room. So I rankle at what seems like an over precious phrase. I wasn’t able to track down who coined the term. Guess it works better than, “give me a minute before I lose my marbles.”