parent teacher conference

We just had our meeting and in general Vivien is doing very well in school.

As the hardworking teacher showed us the work and what they are learning I kept thinking, “I didn’t do any work like this in 3rd grade… or ever.”  Granted I had kind of a Bo-Ho education.  Not all kids get to opt to watch a Bette Davis double feature instead of learning long division.  But, 1) the work does seem harder now and 2) it’s just different.  The terms are different, the nomenclature of their work is so unknown to me so that if they didn’t include “notes to parents” in some of her work books I’d be unable to help her.

I think of the kids in her class whose parents don’t speak English and I wonder , “How can those kids succeed?”  So much homework, new terms, plop on  a different language you are sunk.

My only question at the conference?  When will they get more free play?  Answer:  they won’t.

Here is another burst of educational insight I had when Rex was younger and I still had my fab camera man Chung Ming shooting my vids  ( I just recently got to work with him.  Love that guy)

My other insight is bring your kid’s teacher a sandwich.  I did and she was happy.

Raising Your Kid to be Chinese

Since web traffic is a trickle the last two weeks of the year, I’ve been largely offline.  But, back to the chain gang.  Otherwise known as having to get my daughter to school on time. And dressed. With a lunch.  With a book bag.  Sigh.

As people muse about resolutions for this fab New Year I have one to add to the usual, don’t stuff myself with baked goods, workout everyday, read a book with more substance than People Magazine… I have one more aspiration of late:  Raise My kids to be Chinese.

Hear me out.  Granted it’s not just the old immigrants work harder deal.  Did you watch the Summer Olympics opening ceremony?  They made it very clear they are taking over the world.  So literally it’s good to bone up on your Mandarian.  But, metaphorically there are some other lessons to be gleaned here. Look at this.  That’s right, I’m not the only one who thought about this.  Persistence and discipline can trump IQ.

Just without that pesky Communism.

(Note: Cameo by wonderful cameraman and good sport Chun Ming Huang.  Though why he doesn’t have clips of the Cool Mom’s he has shot.  I don’t know. )