Pink Yappy Dog

You can’t always be Florence Nightingale. Sometimes you can’t make your kid feel better. Sometimes they get upset and you go to your inner swim up bar in your mind and check out. Even if it’s for 20 seconds. One mommy friend said to me, “They will take everything they can get out of you.” And she’s right. You do need limits sometimes. This video shows why sometimes I power the mom brain down.

Mommy Meltdown

It’s a strange dichotomy that the thing you want the most, a child, can also be so frustrating or depressing at times. It’s not even the kid themselves it can be what goes into it. If you don’t make an income anymore in order to be a full time mom it work on your self esteem. Or you don’t fit in your skinny jeans. Or your husband doesn’t support you emotionally the way you need.

Anyway, the mommy meltdown is a known phenom. Take a minute, breathe, let them scream and watch this.

I Hate This Book

When my daughter Vivien was about a year, she really loved The Chicken Sisters. I had to read it all the time. One day I hid it. It was gone for weeks and I was relieved, but her sitter found it and put it out again. But, like a relationship that has weathered a fight, I fell in love with The Chicken Sisters anew. This is my tale of a grown woman reading rudimentary literature.