how remodeling remodels you

Since we moved into our house last year we have wanted to remodel the down stairs bathroom.  Give it a shower since Mark comes home from work late, I’m a light sleeper and if he woke me up I would be a total shrew.  I also wanted some tile in their and make it look more like a Guest bathroom.  Like in a nice hotel.  Meanwhile, we fixed up our back house as well as my oldest stepson is going to be moving in with us.  All of these jobs we wanted to wait till we had some more money.  Well, that part didn’t really happen, but we did it anyway.

I now don’t know how people deal with redoing a whole house.  It’s very disruptive and I spend a lot of time picking stuff up for the job.  . I will share the before and after when it’s done… if it’s ever done.  In the meanwhile… see how this has changed us from an educated, metropolitan family into this…

If I remodel anything else I fear we will become zombies.

this is what our house looks like now.

Home Wrecking Improvement

A mommy friend said to me the other day, “I almost divorced my husband over carpentry.” I get it. The mommy blog Dooce recently mentioned the perils of home improvement on a marriage. Not that long ago when Mark and I were house hunting we considered some fixers. I could now get on my knees and thank GOD we did not buy any of them (sort of how I am also glad that lousy boyfriends broke up with me. It hurt at the time, but it led me to a much, much better man). At the time another friend had said that if she and her husband bought a fixer no question they would be divorced. I was like, huh? Wow, really? Boy was I naive, and that was 6 months ago. We just bought a house that only needed some cosmetic help and man, oh man that was stressful enough. This is universal, right?