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Okay, I made it harder this year, sorry, but let’s streamline the process.  I have cut out two of the nominees because they have gotten no votes and or lower views.  So, Here watch the remaining choices for BEST TOPICAL COOL MOM VIDEO OF 2011. The in the COMMENT section say which one you like.  On Thursday I will do the same for the Overal Funny Category.  Okay.  So now, click play.

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If a Mom Debated Like Rick Perry

The Cool Mom team tried to get this up as quick as we could (considering we are not built for quick).

In case you have been in a cave, here is a link to the Rick Perry debate stumble of last week and the funny top ten list he did on Letterman afterwards (good job, handlers).

George Bush probably watched and thought, “And they said I was the dumb Texan!”