Trying to get the Daph Master Flash back

A continuing theme in Mom Lit is the search for self.  Or the maintenance of it.  Now doubt marriage and motherhood change you, as it should, but frankly, I don’t want it to change me THAT much.

The last couple of weeks I have a had more work, fun and hi jinx then the last couple of months.  All good.  All leading me back to smidge of the me I discovered back in The Greatest Decade, the ’90’s.” That I was the DaphMasterFlash.   What does that mean?  It means when I’m firing on all cylinders and things are coming together.   My creativity is on and I was improvising, hosting, producing ( whatever my job at that moment) really well.  It meant I when I use to set my cap for a guy and say, “you” and check please!  It meant travelling to other countries and having the best adventures.

My producer Brian on my Discovery Show “Perfect Partner” knew of my alter ego, greater self and use to exhort me to exhibit it when we were in the midst of shooting one of our 81 shows in the field for that series.

“DMF it, DMF it” he would say so I could bring our dog and pony show to an end and we could move on to the next set up.  Sometimes I would say, “I don’t have the DMF today.”  I think I haven’t had much of the DMF for a couple of years.   Or maybe it was put into a subtle survival mode.  Surviving selling my home while pregnant and losing most of our net worth.  Stuff like that.

So here is my little journey back to my  DMF.

what you said you would never do

This is one big reunion for me.It’s been a long time since I was on Momversation  ( or as I think of it the more successful spin off of coolmom)  Recently Momversation retooled and became a mega site, more like a magazine if you will.  With different channels of programming.  One channel is still bloggers talking like Old Momversation. So that is reunion number 1.

They are doing some stuff with Ricki Lake as a tie in with her new show.  I haven’t seen the new incarnation, but I use to be the token white comic on the last season of her old show and loved doing it.  I would get flown to NYC, jump up and say one or two jokes and then get residual checks.  Very sorry when she decided to not continure the show.  Ricki was a nice lady.  We got on well and I saw her some socially in LA after that since I knew a guy she was dating at the time.   I wish her well in her new marriage and show. That is reunion number 2.

When Momversation started out and was helmed by dear friend Rob Morheim  ( now producing a morning show in Chicago) one of the original panelist was Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks.  Karen is one of my virtual friends.  I have never met her in the flesh, but felt like I had.  I always enjoyed when we would versate on momversation.  Prior to doing this video we spoke on the phone for about a half an hour.  I adore here.  She is so much fun.  I hope to finally meet her at the Evo conference this July.  Reunion number 3.

I hope in the future if RIcki does more of these she doesn’t film the intro on her set.  She is warmer than that kind of staged setting delivers up. But, if she keeps it up fine, but I would like that pro lighting as well!