Whooping Cough is NO Joke

Reading this warning about the rise in whooping cough is causing me once again to tell you about how it hit our home.  Mark and Oliver got whooping cough when Vivien was born. vivien 4mos
I thank my lucky stars all the time that she didn’t get it as it might have killed her.  I am also thankful I didn’t get it because I would have coughed so hard my stitches from my c – section would have come out. We had to be in separate rooms from Mark and Oliver for many weeks, which meant I was SOL as a new mom needing help at home.

Whooping cough is AWFUL. Mark and Oliver survived it and had good doctors and meds, and still they had a HORRIBLE COUGH FOR THREE MONTHS.  The kind of cough that is so intense you vomit.

Kids are suppose to have booster shots at 12.  For all the anti- vaccine people who want to take their chances you piss me off because you are also taking chances with other people.  Little kids are especially at risk.

That’s my rant for the day.