While working in NYC, I ran into Mr. Rocco DiSpirito at dinner last night. I yelled out, “Hey Rocco, I’m Mark Peel’s wife.”
He replied “Yes, you are” which was cute since he’s never met me before.

Feel like I knew him since my husband does and he was on Dancing With The Stars. He was fun to talk to. He said being on DWTS was harder than doing Iron Mans! I showed him pictures of my kids and then we were seated at different tables.

After a little wine I started to feel a little insecure in this big room full of new people so I sought Rocco out. “Hey, you are now my oldest friend here. I think I look good, yeah.”

“Let me see,” he said teasingly. “Yeah you look great…and you’re funny. I knew you’d be funny.”


“Because you’re married to Mark and he has a great sense of humor.”

Sure is good to see homefolk.

Wish me luck emceeing Digital Content Newfront today in front of a lot big wigs!