The Mid Morning Show with Cool Mom: Hail to the Chief!

Oh, yes, when the big guy drops by your house you have to keep him there for more. In my continued attempt to bring my salute (parody) to TV chat shows I am fortunate to have President Obama come and sit on my couch.

You know what?  He is as human as any of us.

Note: this Obama was all improvised and I think really gets the flavor of how the President tries to frame things.

Bin Laden is Still Dead

Yes, it’s true, he is still dead. No video has been released. Take that, conspiracy theorists. It was kind of a big story a while back. It even eclipsed the royal wedding. Was there a honeymoon? No one cared. The question was, “was there a picture of dead Bin Laden?”

Visions of his bullet-blasted brain filled the imagination, but President Obama decided no one would see it. Yes, they did take a picture, but no, they would not release it to the public. Not even in that fuzzy sort of way like when they blurred out the picture of Schwarzenegger’s love child, but five seconds on the internet and you could find it unfuzzed (yes, I did, I’m not proud).

I would like to talk the President about this. If only he would stop by my house…

1st Annual Cool Mom Awards: The Results!

It’s the moment we have all been waiting for!  And by ‘all’, I mean, me.  It’s not everyday one can be a shoo-in to win an award. Well, sure, we knew Colin Firth was getting it, but since Cool Mom vids are all my babies it’s hard for me to pick a favorite.  So, glad to have you all do it for me.  I have to say there were two videos that were so close in tone that they were liked by the same people, but one had to fail.  One vid barely got a mention.  I liked it!

I asked my friend actor and funnyman Ronnie Butler Jr to act as my MC.  Also, we name the winner of the Packit.

Drum roll, please. Dim the lights. It’s time for the results.

Stand up

Here are some pics of my gig the other night at the LA Gay and Lesbian Center._MG_0171
I did a couple of my old chestnuts, but decided to just wing it on some others. I wanted to see if doing coolmom since Spring of ’08 had helped my ability to make up comedy on the fly. I think it had. Either that or getting to the point of being older, having been through the ringer the last few years and not giving a sh–. It also helped that instead of being at a gross comedy club I was in the convivial arms of variety show produced by a couple of nice guys. One of whom I worked with at TV Guide.

Mark and my mom were there and they said I was good. So, if my mom says so I must have been!
I really enjoyed the riffs I did on the eve of election night. Like Jerry Brown laconically saying, “I’ve done it, I can do it.”

There were many talented people who appeared. Here is on of my faves. A great mash up of Obama and Gilbert and Sullivan.  It has gone viral and it’s popularity is well deserved.

Also, if you or anyone you know is struggling with identity or did in high school ( well, didn’t we all) but specifically sexual identity issues take a look at this.  My friend Michael made it.  He was inspired by the It gets better project.  His vid is very funny, but has a good message.  I wish that all parents of gay youths would respond to their kids as his mom did to him.