MORE inappropriate sandwich shape

My mind drifts as I make my kids sandwiches for their school lunch.  I started off thinking I would make a little girl sandwich.


But, then I keep going.  What if the girl then stuck her finger in an electrical socket?



Or, when she grows up, goes to college and parties a little hard.  This would be her sleeping off a bender.


At least I did stop myself from making a sandwich that showed what that girl did that night and with what!




inappropriate sandwich shapes for kids

In my quest, like many parents, to keep my children interested in that thing called eating I have tried on occasion to form food in fun ways.  Astronaut carrots, deforested broccoli, you know the usual.

As I was taking my pizza cutter to shape a sandwich for Rex today I had the impulse to make really inappropriate sandwich shapes.  Here are are some of my favorites:

A gun

Devil, but it didn’t look devilsh enough, so I thought I would try the crazy anti semite leader of Iran Ahmandad..whatever and add coffee grounds for his permanent sort of beard.  This was not my finest.

I was more pleased with my next creation, Crime Scene House

By the way, Rex picked up the gun sandwich and the barrel went limp.  “Momma, it broke.”  Yeah, there is a reason sandwiches are  NOT shaped like that.

What kind of sandwiches do you make your kids?

Getting Kids into cooking : Give-a-Way!


I want my kids to like to cook.  I want them to know that things, let’s call them “ingredients” go into something they eat. It’s why I like them to go pick things from our garden. It’s why, even though it takes longer to get the oatmeal out, I like when they “help” me. I like that they know, yes, this is a raw piece of meat we are going to season and then eat. Food doesn’t come from a box.
toast tite

It’s also why I said, Yes, send me that sandwich press thingy to review.  It’s Toas-Tite.
toast tite
They say it’s a replica of the original from the 1940’s. ( you had me at the slogan “we are so yesterday”)).  I guessed my kids would be into making sandwiches with it.
I guessed right.  We had to make two sandwiches so they could each make their own, even though they can’t finish a full sandwich.

See how they love it? And they are ready if we have an intruder
toast tite
How we did it:
1) butter or oil the inside of the pan
2) place bread on one side of toast tite, then the ham, cheese, whatever.  Here is an example of a Rueben.
3) squish together. The kids like the assembly part, but they really like the smash, squish part.  The outside edges of the bread are now no longer needed.  I suggest cutting them off.  If you don’t they will catch fire, no big deal, but maybe your smoke alarm will go off.
4) Adult person hold the “grill” over the flame.  The instructions said 30 seconds each side.. no, longer.  We liked it when we did about 2 minutes each side.  Then you get the crispy rings on the outside like the picture and it’s melty inside.
5) pop it out and slice in half.
6) Eat.  Minimal clean up.

So, here is the deal You, yes you!  Can win a Toas-tite.  I just ask that you “like” my Facebook page coolmomdotcom.  If you are one of the few ( like my sisters) that aren’t on FB follow me on twitter or leave me a comment here telling me what is your favorite sandwich.  Actually, I want to know what all your favorite sandwiches are and I need you to comment below so if you win I have an email to notify you.
This is ironic considering my husband presides over an famous night in LA restaurantdom, Campanile’s grilled cheese night.

He doesn’t use a Toas-tite, but he thinks it fine if we do.
Winner announced MONDAY am.  ( note: if you win you have 48 hours after I email you to respond. If you don’t I will pick another winner)  Good Luck!