The “R” Word: Momversation

There was a lot going on in this discussion and due to time constraints it didn’t all get in.  But you get the gist. I started the Momversation because I was irked that Sarah Palin thought it was okay if Rush Limbaugh called people “retards” but was mad when Obama’s chief of staff did it. She would have been a lot more credible, cooler in my eyes if she hadn’t been afraid of the 800-pound gorilla. And moreover, I think she is a big enough star in conservative circles that she could have. It could have been her Sista Souljah moment. But no she did not.

Morever, the word in general. I do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings and I have people in my family who have… limitations, so I wouldn’t want anyone to mischaracterize their challenges by calling them a “retard.” But words with hard consonants are funnier than ones with soft soft.

Cucamonga, funny.

Anaheim, not funny.

So that is why the word has become a “funny” word.  But maybe it’s time to retire it unless it’s for its real meaning as in, “Son’t put sugar on the plant; you will retard its growth!”

Who’s Running in 2012?

Poor pundits. I get it: it’s hard when an election is over, the President is a lame duck (emphasis on lame), the President-elect hasn’t made any big appointments all week… they need an angle. But, “Who is running in 2012?” Even a big political nerd like myself can’t get on board with this. (Check out my vlog on Vivien’s chances for the top job in Vivien for President.)

Smart Women Vote Obama -

Here’s my thinking:

1) We don’t know what the next couple of years will be like. If Obama messes up royally, the Dems will back in Iowa, too.

2) Do we know who’s going to rehab themselves? Palin should do what Brittney Spears needed to do a long time ago: Vanish. She should get back to her job and quietly pen her “Dreams of My Father,” then go on to do The View and so forth. But if she doesn’t leave the stage and bone up on the big issues, she won’t get her second act. Ditto Mitt Romney, who needs a cause to keep him relevant.  And Bobby Jindal, who should get older and keep Louisiana on his side. You know who is beyond rehab? Dick Cheney.

3) Can you buy charisma? Because the GOP is going to need it. That, and a new coat of paint.

Instead of talking about who’s running in 2012, I prefer the “Who’s going to get bailed out now?” discussion. Because we’re giving tax money to the people who built the Geo Tracker, really? Would you give your kids even $5 if they had D’s on their report cards?