Down on the town with Abbey

I had resolved to catch up with pop culture trends I have missed.  Thankfully, before I could watch the Twilight movies, Downton Abbey stole my heart.  It’s like they are trying trick us with a word that is so similar to downtown.   No Petula Clark, but lots of other Brits in an addictive show.  Here is my story…

(Um, this thumbnail looks like I’m smoking or kissing my fingers)


Sex and the City 2

A movie marketer could starve trying to make films for me these days.  I know more about films from 1940 than 2010 (hence my kinship with older gay men).  But, a few times a year I emerge and I do love seeing films.  Provided there are no violent scenes, children in peril, gambling or people who are knowingly doing criminal acts unless it’s a cool super spy type thing.  The other stuff makes me tense.

I go to movies to be transported.

Can’t Wait NOT To See This Movie

This is one of my biggest beefs with the movie industry: Violent and kids-in-peril movies are not going to get me out of my house, into a car, looking for parking, spending $12 a ticket and $5 for popcorn to sit next to strangers. The movie industry is hurting? Wah-wah, then quit making all these downers that scare me and keep me up at night! Bring on “Sex and the City,” or James Bond. That’s what this mommy likes.

Ladies’ Night!

Better not to be the last girl left at the party. Remember toward the end of “Sex and the City,” there was an episode where Carrie is at a party and the last hardcore party girl is there? Party girl is bummed there’s no one to do drugs with her anymore. She says, “New York is so boring I could die.” And then she falls out the window.

Ladies\' night of Scrabble

Tonight I proved I am NOT that girl because I was so excited that I got to host my mom’s Scrabble night. The second Monday of the month, my mom and her best gal pals from church play Scrabble. I’m serious, I was psyched. I love games. Love games. And I like being social, but hate to leave my house or my daughter so it was a win, win, win.

Some highlights:

1. Drinking champagne and praying. When I was in college, I was usually hung over on Sunday mornings, trying to be one with The One. But at Scrabble night, a very respected church minister kicked off the game with a wonderful affirmation. I should have partied with these ladies years ago!

2. The cheating. Maybe it’s sanctioned, but Mom and company use these little Scrabble computers (they look like a calculator). You put in your letters and the machine gives you words you can use! No wonder my mom’s first turn she scored 112! I would score about a 20. I think they felt sorry for me.

I didn’t win, but I had a g-o-o-d t-i-m-e.

Sex and the City

At my alternative school, about a quarter of the population hopped on the city bus and ditched to see the opening day of “Empire Strikes Back.” Now, there is a new movie event in my life: “Sex and the City.” Can’t wait. I have to see it at the first opening because I expect bad reviews, and I don’t want any thing to rain on my parade. I mean, reviews, hah! What do they expect? “War and Peace”? If nothing else I want to see the clothes. Take that, Napoleon.