Mommas, Get Your Groove On!

My recent weekend away with Mark reminded me, oh, yeah, I can orgasm. ‘Cause frankly, as big a nympho as I used to be, my interest in sex definitely took a nosedive post child. In my rocking 20s, when I was fooling around and hearing middle-aged male co-workers grouse that their wives didn’t like to do it, I thought “Oh, that’s terrible, I’ll never be like that.” Ha ha.

tuck me in!
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One woman who thinks moms should still be getting it on has a saucy and funny site, Sex and the Sippy.

The look of the site is great, very playful, and under Tips, there is a great clip from a mag that says moms need to be practice selfishness in order to be sexual. I hear that. I think one of the reasons I enjoy sex in a hotel room so much more than at home (even if it’s a dive two miles away) is because I don’t have the mom ears up: “Is she crying? ¬†Does she need me?”

I think I need to put “masturbate” on the to-do list.

Baby Mama

Yum, yum, I love a female comedy that actually makes money. Women in comedy have always been told they are not funny, that no one wants to see a female lead comedy. Well, as Tina Fey said, “Bitches get things done,” and she and Amy Poehler did it. “Baby Mama” was number one at the box office last weekend.

I never see movies, since I feel guilty leaving my kid or I’m too tired. But I just played hooky and saw it. Loved it! All that talk of getting pregnant made me want to be pregnant. Of course, Fey making out with Greg Kinnear also reminded me of how fun it is the first time you have sex with a new boyfriend. Hmm, being pregnant or shagging it up with dream-boat guy? Which would you rather do?

I give “Baby Mama” two pacifiers up!