Baby High Heels

Tarting up little girls has long been a pet peeve of mine. I get that some people don’t see the infant string bikini and such in the same way… but wake up! It’s the ho-ho-hoing of American girls. In this video, I take on another example: the baby high heels.

Mommas, Get Your Groove On!

My recent weekend away with Mark reminded me, oh, yeah, I can orgasm. ‘Cause frankly, as big a nympho as I used to be, my interest in sex definitely took a nosedive post child. In my rocking 20s, when I was fooling around and hearing middle-aged male co-workers grouse that their wives didn’t like to do it, I thought “Oh, that’s terrible, I’ll never be like that.” Ha ha.

tuck me in!
Creative Commons License photo credit: jsc*

One woman who thinks moms should still be getting it on has a saucy and funny site, Sex and the Sippy.

The look of the site is great, very playful, and under Tips, there is a great clip from a mag that says moms need to be practice selfishness in order to be sexual. I hear that. I think one of the reasons I enjoy sex in a hotel room so much more than at home (even if it’s a dive two miles away) is because I don’t have the mom ears up: “Is she crying? ¬†Does she need me?”

I think I need to put “masturbate” on the to-do list.