Trick or Treat

Not that long ago Halloween meant two things to me. Either stay at home and watch TV while I gave out a little candy or get some really slutty, fun costume on and go to a party. The best outing in that incarnation was 1999 at a party in Oakland as a naughty doctor. It was lousy with athletes who had gone to Cal (sigh, brief staring off into space as I think about those bodies flirting with me and asking for a check up. sigh). A friend of mine is one of the owners of Trashy Lingerie.  They have great stuff, and if you are so inclined to be a hot mommy, you can order online.

One of these days I will slip on my naughty gas station attendant or whatever, but not when I’m walking my daughter around the hood. So, what does a mother wear and not embarrass herself or her family? I think I came up with it.

Hot Mama

Here’s a Halloween costume I didn’t wear to take my daughter out trick-or-treating this year. I have a mommy friend, Mary, who is one of the owners of the famous “Trashy Lingere” store here in LA. It is a great store that makes wonderful, saucy outfits. I have a Snow White outfit from them that rocks – of course I got it when I was on “The X Show” on FX seven years ago, and it has a tight corset. So I won’t be wearing that for a while.

Pregnant Halloween Costume -

I am a big believer that moms need to reconnect with their sexiness. It’s so easy to live your life in cotton drawstring pants (I’m wearing them right now). I did a shoot for the Fashion Team at Trashy and ended the segment with this naughty scout outfit. I want pregnant women not to complain, “I’m fat,” but to yell, “Look what a hot life-giver I am!!” You can buy this stuff online, ladies!

Or just think about sitting on Daniel Craig’s lap. Whatever works.