So, this site has been in bed for the last couple of weeks along with me and now I know why.  I have Pneumonia.   Skipped Thanksgiving.  Been challenging.

I’m sure all kind of wit and wisdom will come from weeks of bed rest and tripping on steroid drugs, but until then.. wash your hands.  Check out my friend Shannon’s blog about your brave trip to assist Syrian refugees in Greece  ( spoiler alert Greek helpers and Syrians all seem to be gorgeous.) Shannon is very funny and once guested as my “Stunt Mom”.

Clearly she is a tough cookie, but her writing is informative without being pedantic.

Since I’m in bed and sleeping or watching screens Any suggestions of favorite binge shows?  I’m up to date on Empire ( storylines starting to go south), Indian Summer on Masterpiece Theate, everyone is depressed, but I just want to see the young Indian lead get naked.  Jane the Virgin, good, not as stellar as first season. Watched River on netflix. good, dark.  Grandfathered, loved, funny dead pan, my favorite.  Watching some John Adams, but small pox hard to watch right now.  So, please leave any shows you like… no zombies or vampires or game of thrones.  thanks.

If only we had a Stunt Mom

Through blogging I’ve met some very cool woman.  One of my faves is Shannon Colleary. She is funny and writes a lot about how women’s body images and how our sense of self changes through the years.  We feel worse about ourselves when we are young and thin, and finally get some self acceptance when we have parts of our body start to jiggle .  And not in a cute way.  A crude summing up, but you know.  Well, Shannon’s writings frequently get picked up by Huffington Post and on one such occasion she included a video of mine.  It went viral and I said, who is this smart, funny woman who thinks I’m a funny, smart woman?  We had lunch and a friendship bloomed.  I asked if she would make a guest appearance in one of my videos.  She agreed and I came up with the idea of Stunt Mom.  The woman who appears who can do the work you don’t want to do.  It was all improvised and Shannon was spot on perfect.

What would you have your stunt mom do?


Stunt Mom

A few months back the lovely Shannon Colleary included my Muffinlicious video in a post she wrote about body image.  The post was picked up by Huffington Post and my Muffin top was seen by more more people than any of my body parts to this point in time. Including parts exposed while drunk in my ’20’s.

I reached out to Miss Shannon and happily did lunch with her.  She is my food group.  We talked about doing a video together. She is a sport.  She showed up at my house and when I sprang the idea I had on her she committed like a Broadway thespian.  I had the premise, the improv lines are all her.

So, what if there was a product that made your life much easier.  This is what it might look like.

Muff on the Huff

Muffinlicious was included in a great post on woman formerly known as beautiful. Read it here, but in a nutshell, the blogger, Shannon Colleary, says she has decided not lose weight and practice self acceptance. Her body stats are almost the exact same as mine. So, of course I say “you go girl!” And thanks for including me in a post that went to Huffington Post.
( and thanks to Jessica Gottlieb for emailing me while I was at the park “you are on Huffington Post!”)
Since posting about my muffin top I’ve gotten many “you are so brave” comments. Thanks, but I don’t feel that brave. I consider no surprise how I look. If I appeared in public like Kate Bosworth

and then did a video about how my guy floats around the edges of my slim jeans, than yes, that would be brave as I’m blowing the lid on my image.

I don’t have an image to blow up.

pregnant me
pregnant with Rex

I’m in my forties, I’ve had a few pregnancies, that have yielded two children. I live with a great chef and we co own restaurants with stellar food, wine and cocktails. If I became a water swilling vegan I think my marriage would be over.   I’m not going to look like Kate Bosworth. I don’t want to be “mid western fat” ( this is distinct from LA fat, which is a size 8), but I am what I am.

Now, did you see me shooting a video of me SITTING DOWN in tight jeans? That would be brave.