children’s books you dread

my recent look at my friend Sarah Maizes children’s book led to some comment about how some go on and on.  Beatrice wrote that Harold and his purple crayon need to wrap it up.  In another sign I might be blogged out of original perspectives on motherhood I found this video where I covered this when Vivien was TINY, not even 3 I think.

Beat Poet: Sheep in a Jeep

When you read a book enough times you can move past boredom to appreciation.  I am clearly not alone as I found another grown woman online with her own version. I found reading the rhythmic “Sheep in a Jeep” to Vivien and now Rex to be pleasant and quick.  It was a book that never overstayed its welcome and it is pretty clever.  I heard a different sound in it.  In another time and coffeehouse maybe it could have been presented as a beat poem.

It’s not Howl, but please come into my scene and dig it.

I Hate This Book

When my daughter Vivien was about a year, she really loved The Chicken Sisters. I had to read it all the time. One day I hid it. It was gone for weeks and I was relieved, but her sitter found it and put it out again. But, like a relationship that has weathered a fight, I fell in love with The Chicken Sisters anew. This is my tale of a grown woman reading rudimentary literature.