Another Milestone

I keep hoping Rex sleeping in a room with Vivien will stick. But he is still kind of noisy baby, and their sleep schedules are so different that most of the time I have to keep them separated. Which means Rex is either in Oliver’s room (when Oliver is elsewhere) or in the play room… a.k.a. the kitchen.

Sometimes it bums me out that he sleeps in the kitchen. Other times I think, hey Barack Obama grew up in an apartment; his wife’s whole family lived in a one-bedroom apartment, and they certainly did well for themselves. Look at Michael Douglas’s son; he is facing a 10 year prison sentence, and his mother is selling their 29 million dollar home. So, the physical structure in which a child grows up doesn’t mean that much… as long as they have some structure over their head.

I digress. This is about a crib. And here is my husband making a cameo as… my husband.

Sleep Travails

Okay, so this sleep thing… um, well. Saturday night went great with Rex. He slept from 9:30 to 5 (here he is napping at my mom’s).

I should have had the energy to go to an early morning yoga class, but as life would have it Vivien–not her norm–woke up at around 2 or 3. Not sure, a blur, just realized she was wedged between us, and Mark was saying “She’s had a bad dream.” She rolled on me a few times till I took her back to her room where I passed out briefly and then went back to my room. One wake up after another. I calmly said, “Vivien, if you don’t go to sleep soon, I’m going to be in a very bad mood.”

The next night, my stepson is here, which means Rex is in our room. Well, forget it, you can’t sleep train when the baby smells you. They are like wild animals. So that night was a waste. The next night back into Oliver’s room (aka, where Rex sleeps when Oliver is elsewhere). Went better. I fed him twice in the night and didn’t jump up at every little cry and gurgle. I have noticed allowing him to cry for a few minutes at bedtimes does help him stay asleep longer.

The next night, again the room was occupied with a teenager who doesn’t need to be part of sleep training an infant, so I put Rex down in the play room (and by that, I mean the space off the kitchen).  But we had noticed he had a little runny nose, so I was not tough loving it. I was jumping up and holding him to me when I thought he need it. Or when I did.

I think between the cold and him getting shots tomorrow, I can’t pull another feeding from him this week, right? Shouldn’t I wait a few days? That’s what I think. And I’m not that busy this week so I think I can sack up and do it.

Sleep training can resume on Saturday.

Let Sleeping Kids Lie

Hmm, this shows a tad more breast than I had realized, oh well!  I don’t have CGI to place a burning fuselage there instead. This vid underscores that constant yin yang you have as a parent.

You are adorable.

(Shut up.)

You are the best thing I’ve ever done.

But can you not whine?

Now I know there is a God.

Is that poo on my carpet?