crispy garbanzo bean snack

If you are like me you love throwing crispy, little greasy things in your mouth.

What shall I snack on today?

But, what if you’ve grown out of potato chips, pork rinds and want to wow your college educated friends?  I look to garbanzo beans.

They  are not great for carb counting, but they have fiber and protein.

Fry the bacon for son’s breakfast

Leave the bacon grease in the pan.  Take the garbanzo beans that you drained from the can.  Ideally, they have been left to dry out over night in the fridge.  Mix them in the bacon grease.

Yes, add some rosemary. In my case stolen from my neighbors yard.

Now that his bacon is consumed, Rex wants to help. We sprinkle kosher salt on the beans, grease and rosemary.

put in pan and bake for 20 min at 400 degrees.  Longer if they didn’t drain overnight.  But, watch them.  I can get cocky, leave them and they are charred nuggets.  

The kid loves them too!

Gotta love a winner!

Alexandra was the first winner of the General Mills snack contest.  She sent me an email excited about the huge bounty of General Mills snacks she had received as her prize.  You might recall her winning idea on creative snacks for kids was to put them in muffin tins.  It worked for her 4 boys.  She sent along this great picture of her embracing some of the snacks.  With 4 boys I bet they get eaten.  Congrats Alexandra!
Our First General Mills Lunch Care Winner - Alexandra